Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Swimming with chum in shark infested waters

GNOME 3 outreach in the modern age.

A talk on engaging the F/OSS community and the lessons learned in the many releases after GNOME 3. Discuss measures we took to engage community, the effect of social media in the modern age, and lessons for others who also release software.

Bad news travel fast, ugly news travel even faster. The world was not the same when GNOME released 2.0, and in today's world you need to know how to engage with the community, apply damage control when needed, and understand how information propagates through social media and to create an effective message.

This talk is about the key lessons we learned when releasing GNOME 3.0 and subsequent releases after and discuss possible solutions, or the measures we have used to help reduce friction with the community.


Sriram Ramkrishna