Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Ero.coli - a synthetic biology game

Citizen Science: Popularisation & crowdsourcing

Ero.Coli retraces the journey of a nano-robot in its quest of ensuring the balance and prosperity of their living world.

This project is a single-player 2D top-down adventure game where the hero, a tiny nano-robot, has to explore a living world, collect, and combine functional DNA fragments in order to engineer and control the abilities of his bacterium companion and face obstacles and dangers.

This project is based on three main axes: - This game should allow players to understand the basics of synthetic biology, popularise the open BioBrick system - see - Players will have the opportunity to play with DNA fragments to create their own abilities, and, in the long haul, participate digitally in research, or even in our wet labs - This game will be a real gaming experience: fun and engaging


Raphael Goujet