Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Enlightenment as Standalone Wayland Compositor

Porting a X window manager to the wayland protocol is huge task. This talk describes the journey we took to make it possible to run Enlightenment as a standalone wayland compositor.

While the Enlightenment project has had support for wayland in the EFL toolkit for a long time, the window manager itself always relied on some pieces of X for things like input devices, VT switching, etc.

In this talk we will lay out what problems we faced and also show our solutions. We will talk about the handling of input devices, interaction with DRM, VT handling as well as missing pieces of the wayland protocol for a full desktop experience. For compatibility we are using XWayland with integration into the window manager to launch XWayland if needed.

The end result is Enlightenment running without any X dependencies


Stefan Schmidt
Chris Michael