Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Discover DoudouLinux live!

DoudouLinux is a computer environment focussed on children fulfillment, ease of use, security and mastering digital tools. DoudouLinux want to compete with gaming consoles, TV and tablets, as early as 2 years old. After few explanations about the project itself, a live demonstration will show you how it is designed, its functionnalities and the proposed activities.

DoudouLinux is a community initiative dedicated at giving children digital tools favoring self-fulfillment and not alienating, as well as the desire to take back full control over the digital tools that will shape their future. By placing children and parents at the center of the project concerns, DoudouLinux stresses ease and pleasure of use, security or even absolute respect of privacy. DoudouLinux wants to show children the best information technologies, in full confidence.

With more than 75 applications that cover education, creative activities, entertainment and culture, DoudouLinux give children the opportunity to discover many facets of computers in order to stimulate their curiosity, their learning potential and their creativity. Its interface, rethought from ground up, targets the simplicity of a gaming console without sacrificing essential functions. Come and discover it live!

With a wealth of more than 100 contributors, DoudouLinux is being translated into more than 40 languages and its website saw more than 400.000 visitors coming from the 4 corners of the world since the beginning. After 3 years of existence, the pedagogical usefulness of DoudouLinux is approved by teachers since it is already in use in many nursery schools. Nevertheless the project is still starting out and bursting with ideas that just need new contributors to come to life!


Jean-Michel Philippe