Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Contributing to the Tizen Project

Tizen : Apps, core, platform, hardware, what ? where ? how ? and when ?

General presentation of the Tizen project and how to interact with it at the application or core level or even for designing your own Tizen system.

Tizen is a Linux Operating System for phones, vehicles, and other devices. Talk will give a short introduction to the project and focus on how can any developer interact with it.

Application level:

  • Creating HTML5 apps with W3C + tizen APIs
  • Creating native apps in C++ using Tizen Osp API
  • Creating hybrid apps

Platform/distro level:

  • Bug reporting / submitting patches
  • Building packages
  • Workflow Integration in the project

Profile / Hardware level:

  • Create a new profile
  • Adapt to unsupported hardware
  • Rebuilding your own image


Phil Coval (rzr)