Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


CentOS: Planning for Variants and the Next Chapter

A Broader, Faster, Easier Route to Contributions in CentOS

CentOS has cemented a reputation as the "community enterprise operating system" - one that provides a reliable rebuild, but is not known for innovation in its own right. With the news that Red Hat and CentOS are joining forces, this is going to change. Here's how CentOS is planning to change, and how other distros can learn from our next phase.

This includes our governance changes, and how we'll address several different special interest groups (SIGs) that have different ideas they want to realize with CentOS. It also includes technical changes, and I'll explain how we're going to manage our build system and source control for accepting upstream code and then creating new variants.

Most importantly, I'll also be taking questions about the new direction and how we got to this point.


Karanbir Singh