Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014



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Starting in 2009, FOSDEM has hired professional guides each year to offer free guided tours of Brussels to the spouses/partners of FOSDEM visitors. If your partner would like to accompany you to Brussels but is not interested in the FOSDEM conference, this will make their stay worthwhile. Brussels has a rich historical past and a cosmopolitan present.

The free tours will take place on both afternoons of the conference. Each tour will give you a view of a different part of the city, and the tours offered this year will be different from those offered in previous years. The guides will gather participants at a meeting point on the Solbosch campus (where exactly is yet to be announced), and every tour ends there as well.

Meeting point Start End
Saturday Infodesk H 14:00 18:30
Sunday Infodesk H 12:15 15:45

The guides are from Brukselbinnenstebuiten (= "Brussels inside out").

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Children are welcome to join, but bear in mind that these are walking tours, and that it is February. Your children must be old enough to walk around for three hours in winter temperatures (the responsibility is entirely yours).

To make sure we know how many people to expect, please send an e-mail to to register for these tours (you can join the tour on Saturday, Sunday or both).

There is a maximum of 30 to 40 participants.

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Saturday: A tramride to the centre of Brussels followed by a guided tour in de Marollen, a part of the city centre where a lot of social housing is to be found, but also with an interesting mix of rather poor people living in the same neighbourhood as the very rich.

Sunday: A walk in the neighbourhood of the Congress, namely the walk we have organised two years ago: Solbosch and the forest of Terkameren.

To register, or if you have any questions about the sightseeing tours, please mail