Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2014


Accepted developer rooms

We are pleased to announce the developer rooms that will be organised at FOSDEM 2014.

Developer rooms are assigned to self-organising groups to work together on open source projects, to discuss topics relevant to a broader subset of the community, etc. The individual developer room organisers will issue their calls for participation in the next few days.

We will update this table with links to the calls for participation.

Both days ( 1 & 2 February 2014)

Topic Call for participation CFP deadline
Distributions announcement 2013-12-22
Embedded announcement 2013-12-10
Graphics announcement TBA
Legal and policy issues announcement 2013-12-01
Virtualisation and IaaS announcement 2013-12-01

Saturday 1 February 2014

Topic Call for participation CFP deadline
Ada announcement 2013-11-30
BSD announcement 2013-12-20
Configuration management announcement 2013-12-01
Desktops announcement 2013-12-14
Game development announcement 2013-12-01
HPC and computational science announcement 2013-12-06
Java announcement 2013-12-01
Mozilla announcement 2013-12-20
MySQL announcement 2013-12-06
Open document editors - TBA
Perl announcement 2013-11-20
PostgreSQL announcement 2013-12-15
Smalltalk announcement 2013-12-31
Wikis announcement 2013-11-30

Sunday 2 February 2014

Topic Call for participation CFP deadline
Automotive development announcement 2013-12-31
Energy-efficient computing announcement 2013-11-25
Go announcement TBA
Graph processing announcement 2013-12-10
Internet of things announcement 2013-12-01
JavaScript announcement 2013-12-01
LLVM announcement TBA
Microkernel-based operating systems announcement 2013-12-01
NoSQL announcement TBA
Python announcement 2013-12-31
Software-defined radio announcement 2013-12-01
Testing and automation announcement 2013-11-30
Valgrind announcement 2013-12-08
Wine announcement 2013-12-01