Brussels / 2 & 3 February 2013


Distribution Miniconf

At FOSDEM 2013, the Distribution Miniconf will be at its fourth iteration.

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At FOSDEM we care strongly about open source projects small and large. FOSDEM was created as a meeting place where developers from different projects and with different backgrounds can come together and share ideas, discuss, etc.

The devrooms have always been premier place for this. However, in recent years we have reached the limit of our capacity, with more than double proposals over rooms available. Distributions have always had a strong presence at FOSDEM, however, we were faced with having to choose some distributions over others.

Holding the distro miniconf provides a way to better achieve our goals in two ways:

The idea of the distro miniconf is that rather than having several distributions with their own respective and individual Developer Room, we will host mixed conference rooms where talks and sessions will be organized by topic, with contributors from all distributions attending and participating.

In more detail:

Topics are open for suggestions: whatever you think is appropriate as a topic that is a recurring issue for distributions (governance, feature tracking, trust mechanisms, ambassadors, ...); or something where you would like to present your solutions for specific tasks to other distributions (e.g. package building, translations, bug tracking, community infrastructure, ...). Especially if you're interested in feedback, ideas and collaboration from and with other projects... we'd love to hear about it :).

The list of sessions that were held last year is available from the archives of 2012.

If you're interested in participating, subscribe directly to the mailing-list we've created for that purpose. We will discuss details, ideas, as well as the schedule there.