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Philippe Laurent

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Open Licences before European Courts Saturday AW1.125 11:05 00:25

Philippe Laurent is Senior Researcher at the CRIDS (Research Centre - Information, Law and Society of the University of Namur, Belgium) and Lawyer at the Brussels Bar (at the MVVP lawfirm).
As a researcher, he is currently doing a PhD on intellectual property licensing and studies the legal aspects of open source schemes.
He also carries out researches on copyright limitations, as well as on data and software protection.
Philippe’s work as attorney-at-law focuses on Intellectual Property and IT law, privacy, data protection, distribution agreements, trade practices, as well as on broader commercial law matters.
Philippe is also appointed by the CEPANI as Third-Party Decider for ".be" domain name disputes, and is alternate member of the copyrights and neighbouring rights section of the Intellectual Property Council of the Belgian Ministry of Economy.