FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. No registration necessary.


Certification exams at FOSDEM 2012

LPI, BSDCG and TYPO3 will again provide FOSDEM attendees with the possibility of taking their respective certification exams.
Head over to this page for further details.


PGP Keysigning

If you participated in the keysigning event at FOSDEM 2012, but missed (parts of) the participant list hashes as they flashed by during the starting presentation, you should verify the hashes before signing any keys.

The hashes can now be downloaded from If there is a trust-path between you and the author, you should verify the file's detached signature using:

% gpg --verify ksp-fosdem2012-hashes.txt.asc ksp-fosdem2012-hashes.txt

Please complete your signing homework before Sunday 10 June 2012, and upload new signatures on your keys to a well-connected keyserver. New statistics of the density of the web of trust at FOSDEM will be published on that date.

Video streaming

Not coming to FOSDEM? Want to participate anyway? Do not despair! This year, the FOSDEM team is proud to announce the availability of streaming video from a select number of our rooms, in cooperation with the DebConf video team.

Thanks to the support of Fluendo, we'll be able to provide you with Ogg Theora and WebM versions of our streams.

Details on where and how to access these streams will be posted later as FOSDEM draws nearer. Watch this space!

First FOSDEM 2012 Speaker Interviews

Just like previous editions we have performed some interviews with our main track speakers.

To get up to speed with the various topics discussed in the main track talks, you can start reading the following interviews, one with a keynote speaker, three from the development track and two from the hypervisor track:

Accepted lightningtalks

This year we again received plenty of interesting lightning talk proposals.

See below for the list of 32 talks that will present themselves during 15 minutes in our special lightning talk track.

Accepted stands

35 Free and Open Source projects will be present at FOSDEM 2012 with a stand.
Note that this effectively ends the call for stands phase.

Job Corner

Companies will be again able to inform visitors about open source employment or contracting opportunities in our "job corner" at FOSDEM 2012.

There are some rules on what is permissible, as outlined below, but most important is to use your common sense.

Second round call for participation

We invite any and all open source projects to participate in FOSDEM 2012 with a talk in a devroom, a lightning talk or by manning a stand.
Lightning talks are aimed at projects that do not fit in one of the devrooms.

Lightning talksannouncement2011-12-16 (extended)
If an announcement is missing, ask for the contact address.
Devroom nameCall for talksDeadline
BSD licensed operating systemsannouncement-
Configuration and Systems Managementannouncement2011-12-31
Cross Desktopannouncement2011-12-20
Distribution Miniconfannouncement2011-12-22
Free Javaannouncement2011-12-30
Graph Processingannouncement2011-01-05
Hardware Security and Cryptographyannouncement
Legal Issuesannouncement2011-12-30
Multiserver, microkernel-based operating systemsannouncement2011-12-31
MySQL and Friendsannouncement
Open Mobile Linuxannouncement2011-12-31
Open Source Game Developmentannouncement2011-12-23
Open Source Telephonyannouncement2011-12-09
Open Source Virtualization and Cloudannouncement2011-12-23
World of GNUstepannouncement and OpenICCannouncement

FOSDEM Embedded and Mobile devroom call for papers

FOSDEM will be held the 4th and 5th of February 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. As usual and for the 9th time there will be an embedded and mobile room.

For this years program we are looking for people who would like to do a presentation about their or their community's projects in this area.
These projects must be Free Software or Open Source.

FOSDEM spouses/partner's tour

Since 2009, FOSDEM hires professional guides to offer a free guided tours of Brussels for the spouses/partners. If he/she would like to accompany you, and is not interested in the FOSDEM conference, this will make the stay worthwhile. Brussels is a city with a rich historical past, and a cosmopolitan present.

Developer Rooms for FOSDEM 2012

So, finally, with some delay, here is the list of the devrooms that will be present on the schedule of FOSDEM 2012, in no particular order

Note that this obviously ends the call for devrooms.

First round of calls for participation

FOSDEM is probably the largest free and non-commercial open source event, taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 4 and 5 February 2012. Being a developer-oriented conference, it is the open source communities and developers that make it what it is.

With our first round of calls for participation, we invite experienced speakers and linux distributions to apply.

In a second round, we will send out a call for stands, lightning talks (short talks) and you will be able to submit talks to the individual devrooms.

The following calls are open in this round:

Call for Main Track Speakers

We are still in the process of reviewing the requests, please bear with us.

The goal of the main tracks is to host high-quality seminars for a broad and technical audience. Every track is organized around a theme (security, kernel, collaboration, ...) and contains 3 seminars. The main tracks are held in the two biggest rooms, giving a seat to 550 and 1400 visitors.

FOSDEM 2012 in preparation

The dates for FOSDEM 2012 are set:

4 and 5 February 2012

Please bear with us as we update our infrastructure for the 2012 edition.
The call for main track speakers will be announced soon!

Check this website or subscribe to the RSS feed to stay informed.

The FOSDEM staff

Certification Exams

Certification exam sessions will again be offered at FOSDEM 2012.

The Linux Professional Institute, the BSD Certification Group and TYPO3 will organize exam sessions during FOSDEM 2012. Interested candidates can now register for exams with the respective certification groups.

The schedule for the exam sessions is also available now.


We just archived the FOSDEM 2011 edition website. If you still need to find the pages from previous editions check out our archive site:

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