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Sascha Peilicke

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
One source to rule all binaries CrossDistro devroom Sunday H.1308 16:00 00:30

Sascha is 26 years old and a recent (last year) graduate of Computer Science at the
University of Magdeburg, Germany.

Doing programming for quite some time now
(started to hack on graphics engines originally back in school using C++ and
Assembler) he became involved in Open Source during his studies, altough he's
been a Linux user some time before. Primarily, he's been involved in KDE and
more recently openSUSE, of course (with a not too short Ubuntu intermission).
Last autumn, Sascha had the luck to become employed by Novell / SuSE before handing
in his thesis. These days, he's working on the openSUSE Build Service (doing
web development) next to being a package mainter for openSUSE.