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Ruben Vermeersch

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Opening Mono devroom Saturday AW1.120 13:00 00:10

Ruben is a GNOME hacker focussing on F-Spot and Banshee. His dream is to build the ideal photographers platform for the GNOME desktop. He participated in the Google Summer of Code for GNOME in 2007 and 2008, working on F-Spot. In 2010 he coordinated the Google Summer of Code for the GNOME project. You can find him on IRC under the nick rubenv and at GUADEC for in person chats.

Apart from hacking, Ruben is preparing the start-up of his company. Stay tuned!

Away from the computer, he enjoys photography (hence the interest in photography on the free desktop), reading books, travelling and he is fascinated by science, history and art. He would love to spend more time on sport, especially swimming, but consistently fails to do so.