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Raffaele Recalcati

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
DaVinci dm365 for home automation Embedded devroom Saturday Lameere 16:00 01:00

Graduated in electronic engineering in 1996. Two years experience in
industrial automation, hydraulic presses. Working in Bticino S.p.A
from 2000, an italian company involved in home automation business
sector. Moved from 16bit processors to StrongArm (redboot) and so
started ARM Linux study in 2002. Contributed and, after some years,
maintained, the multi platform kernel for several pxa255 and pxa270
boards, based on the ARM board btweb. Working from the end of 2009 on
DaVinci dm365 opensource BSP support (ubl,u-boot,kernel) for bmx and
basi ARM boards.