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Nicola Pero

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Objective-C support in GCC 4.6 World of GNUstep devroom Saturday AW1.117 17:45 00:30

Nicola has been involved with GNUstep and Objective-C since 1999 and is currently the maintainer of GNUstep make (GNUstep's building system) and one of the maintainers of the GNU Objective-C runtime library (part of GCC).

Over the years he contributed to most GNUstep core packages; he is most known for his early work on gnustep-gui and libobjc and for writing JIGS (GNUstep's Objective-C/Java bridge) and GNUstep Renaissance (an innovative framework for creating and maintaining GUIs).

Recently he has been working on GCC and revamped the Objective-C support in GCC to include many of the new Objective-C 2.0 features. This work will be part of GCC 4.6.