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Mike Hommey

Mike has been using GNU/Linux operating systems since 1995, and didn't change distribution since he switched to Debian GNU/Linux in 1999. He got his first package in the Debian archive in 2003 and after a long time in the NM queue, became a Debian Developer in 2005.

He started sending patches to the Firefox (then renamed from Phoenix to Firebird) maintainer for Debian in 2003, uploaded his first Release Critical bugs fixing Non-Maintainer Upload in 2004 and officially became co-maintainer later the same year. Time flies, and he's now the sole maintainer of Iceweasel (rebranded Firefox) and Iceape (rebranding Seamonkey) for Debian.

His involvement as a Debian Developer makes him a relatively long time Mozilla contributor, and he finally requested and obtained level 3 commit access in 2010. He's currently contracting for Mozilla Corporation, working on startup performance.

Mike is also co-developer of vmfs-tools, and developer of some other things that are pretty much dead, now.