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Michal Hrušecký

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Downstream packaging collaboration CrossDistro devroom Saturday H.1308 15:00 01:00

Michal started contributing seriously back to the open source in 2007 by participating in Hacking & Development (project to run Linux on Palm PDA - some kernel patching and some OpenEmbedded packaging and bugfixing).

He's also administrating school computer laboratory since 2007 (maintaining a little Gentoo overlay for that purpose). Joined Novell/SUSE Linux in 2008 and started there as a packager maintaining mainly MySQL, Palm and sblim related packages. Since 2009 he's part of openSUSE Booster team, so in addition to the packaging he's giving talks, doing workshops and working on projects like openSUSE Connect, openSUSE Paste or the wiki rewrite.