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Mario Sánchez Prada

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This talk will be focused on talking about the current efforts to
improve the accessibility support in the WebKitGTK+, the port of the
WebKit web rendering engine for the GTK+ toolkit, and why it's so
important nowadays in order to make sure that the new release of GNOME
is as accessible as possible when it comes to applications based on this
component (like Epiphany or Yelp, for instance), following the lead of
its predecessor.


Mario is a Computer Engineer working at Igalia since February 2006,
with special interest on Free Software and Open Source development,
mainly focused on GNU/Linux and GNOME technologies.

Since early 2010, he joined the Igalia WebKit team to work on
improving the accessibility support in WebKitGTK+ using the ATK
library, in order to help making the next release of the GNOME a more
accessible platform when it comes to exposing content coming from
WebKitGTK+ based applications.

Other than work related stuff, Mario loves photography, music and
spending some quality time with his family whenever it's possible.