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Leandro Doctors

Leandro Doctors has been involved in the Libre Software Community of San Juan (Argentina) since 2002. In that year, he co-founded (and chaired for three years) the first Libre Software Users' Group of this Argentine Province.

In early 2008, he graduated as Licenciado (the equivalent of an European Masters) in Information Systems at the National University of San Juan. As soon as he could, he (looked for and) took the opportunity to travel.

After a beautiful one-year-long internship in Lisbon, Portugal, Leandro finally realized he didn't enjoy what most people would call a “normal” job (at least, not for the moment).

Finally, in late 2009, Leandro received an offer to “escape” the “industry” while combining work and pleasure. Since then, he is a full time PhD student at the University of Mons (Belgium). His research topic involves the comparative analysis of the evolution of libre software distributions' environments.

Altough Leandro is currently out of shape, he loves tango dancing, language learning and travelling. He also likes trekking (andinismo) and swimming.