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Kevin P. Fleming

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Asterisk SCF Development Interfaces Open Source Telephony devroom Sunday AW1.124 14:30 00:40

Director of Software Technologies at Digium, Inc.

Kevin P. Fleming has 20+ years of programming experience, with every major programming language. Industry experience includes traditional client/server database applications, open source messaging and networking and mainframe operating systems. Kevin's primary skill is producing solutions that use resources effectively through problem analysis and solution design.

A member of the worldwide open source community for nearly ten years, Kevin has contributed to the Linux kernel, Exim SMTP MTA and OpenVPN network tunneling package. He fervently believes that open source is the 'right' way to develop software and uses open source solutions whenever possible.

Kevin joined Digium in 2005. Since late 2009, he has been the primary architect of the Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework.