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Gregory Casamento

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
The latest on Gorm an GNUstep theming World of GNUstep devroom Saturday AW1.117 18:30 00:30

Gregory Casamento joined the GNUstep project in 1999. Initially sending a few patches and then implementing a few classes he went on to become maintainer of GNUstep's IB implementation called Gorm and complete it's implementation and, in the process, helped in implementation of many of the classes in GNUstep's GUI library.

Gregory is now lead developer of GNUstep and is working hard on making GNUstep fit well into other desktop environments such as GNOME and KDE as well as helping to grow participation in GNUstep.

Gregory Casamento is the Chief maintainer of GNUstep. His responsibilities for the project include promoting the project to the public, reporting back to the FSF about the progress of the project, making certain that all of the copyright paperwork is in order for the project, and setting release schedule.

He is also maintainer for Gorm and GUI for the GNUstep project. His responsibilities as Gorm maintainer are to develop a GUI builder which would allow a developer to create a GUI without any code which was close enough to the NeXT/Apple Interface Builder that it would not take much additional training to handle. As GUI maintainer I am responsible for implementing GUI controls and attempting to keep up with the latest Cocoa extensions.