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Speaker: Seppo Jaakola

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
Galera Replication for MySQL MySQL Sunday AW1.121 11:15 00:30

Seppo Jaakola

CEO of Codership, long experience in developing DBMS replication and clustering solutions.

Seppo works as CEO at Codership, focusing in development of high performance DBMS replication, clustering and high availability solutions. His main responsibility is in integrating Galera replication service with DBMS engines.

Seppo has a long experience in distributed computing, clustering solutions and DBMS development. His earlier employments include ~10 year assigment in Stonesoft R&D developing firewall clustering and main memory DBMS products and ~4 year assignment in Continuent R&D, implementing clustering aware version of MySQL server.

Seppo has MSc degree in Software Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.