Speaker: Bram Neijt

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
MetaLinks Lightning Talks Sunday Ferrer 11:20 00:15

Bram Neijt

Bram Neijt is developer of Metalinks

Bram Neijt is still new to the FOSS field and his first published program was ccbuild.sf.net (a C++ build utility). After that he spent most of his programming time on trying to win the RoboCup with a team of 4 colleagues (littlegreenbats.nl), which is now going for the second year running. About 2 month ago he joined the Metalinks project and moved his then dead project with the same name over to the new XML Metalink mirror lists format. What little time he has left he now spends on coding for the project in every language that might help. The latest addition being a PHP driven website www.metamirrors.nl.

He is currently studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen and is 25 years of age.