Speaker: Alexander Neundorf

Event Track Day Room Start time Duration
CMake Lightning Talks Saturday Ferrer 14:20 00:15
eCos RTOS in commercial use Embedded Sunday AW1.126 16:00 01:00

Alexander Neundorf

Alexander Neundorf is the maintainer of the KDE buildsystem. He is a heavy user and fellow developer of [CMake http://www.cmake.org]

Alexander Neundorf studied Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany until 2002. Since then he has been working at Jenoptik LOS GmbH, developing high end digital cameras.

Since 1998 he is working on various parts of the KDE project, since February 2006 he is the maintainer of the buildsystem for KDE 4. He also contributed to other free software projects, like the eCos RTOS, the Microwindows windowing system, the Linux firewire driver, the buildsystem CMake, and the Microwindows windowing system.