Schedule: GGI/KGI

Olaf Buddenhagen
Day Saturday
Room AW1.121
Start time 15:00
End time 16:00
Duration 01:00
Event type Podium
Language English

GGI/KGI as a model for an improved graphics driver architecture

With the current graphics architecture on GNU/Linux (and similar systems), responsibilities aren't clearly regulated: Between kernel (text console or framebuffer), X drivers, DRM, DirectFB, SVGATextMode, and some other hacks, there is a lot of friction -- non-working suspend/resume, lost or distorted display on console switch, unusable console after X server of console application crashes etc. are the result.

Incompatibilities and configuration problems are ubiquitous. Clearly, a better integrated approach is desirable.

This talk discusses the problems with the current architecture, and presents GGI/KGI as a model for a more unified and robust design.