Schedule: SQLAlchemy and Elixir

Gaëtan de Menten
Day Sunday
Room AW1.117
Start time 14:00
End time 15:00
Duration 01:00
Event type Podium
Track Python
Language English
SQLAlchemy and Elixir

A short presentation of SQLAlchemy (the Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper) and Elixir, which is a brand-new declarative layer on top of SQLAlchemy, with a syntax similar to that of Ruby on Rails's ActiveRecord.

SQLAlchemy acts as the glue between your python projects and your SQL database in a very elegant way. It is a very powerful tool but setting up everything can be a bit tedious, so we wrote Elixir, as a thin wrapper around SQLAlchemy to provide the ability to define model objects in a simpler (and quicker) way when you do not need the full expressiveness of SQLAlchemy's manual mapper definitions.