Schedule: European Mozilla Communities

Zbigniew Braniecki
Day Saturday
Room H.1309
Start time 15:30
End time 16:15
Duration 00:45
Event type Podium
Track Mozilla
Language English
European Mozilla Communities

Summary of the situation of European Mozilla local communities.

Analyze of the current situation with Mozilla local communities, general trends, current main issues, last year big sparks, and plans for 2007.

Mozilla project has at least local 40 communities all around the world. Those communities are in very different stadiums starting from just-born projects, to huge and stable projects. They vary in almost every single aspect, while they still share a lot of the concept and they follow one of a few career paths. The concept of the talk is to give a summarize of what's going on out there, how does it work, what are the most interesting things about the local communities, what is the generic trend, where they all are heading, what are the biggest problems, what are the biggest wins, and what the next year will bring!