Schedule: ReaR

Gratien D'haese
Day Sunday
Room Ferrer
Start time 11:40
End time 11:55
Duration 00:15
Event type Podium
Track Lightning Talks
Language English
Slides (PDF)

A lightning talk on Relax and Recover, a disaster recovery framework.

Short presentation on Rear (history, architecture, design, purpose). A live demo (movie) of a real disaster recovery process will be shown during the talk.

About ReaR:

Relax and Recover (abbreviated rear) is a highly modular disaster recovery framework for GNU/Linux based systems, but can be easily extended to other UNIX alike systems. The disaster recovery information (and maybe the backups) can be stored via the network, local on hard disks or USB devices, DVD/CD-R, tape, etc. The result is also a bootable image that is capable of booting via PXE, DVD/CD and tape (OBDR).