Schedule: Freedom Task Force

Shane Coughlan
Day Saturday
Room Ferrer
Start time 14:00
End time 14:15
Duration 00:15
Event type Podium
Track Lightning Talks
Language English
Slides (PDF)
Freedom Task Force

A lightning talk about Free Sofware licensing and the FTF.

The talk will explain the type of licence used in the Free Software eco-system. It will examine the legal questions involved in a project with multiple participants, describing what possibilities and dangers exist in mixing code from different sources. The talk will cover best-practice models for developers and projects that adopt Free Software, and will examine how Free Software licensing can be used to produce commercial products within the context of existing business models. The services and reasoning behind the creation of FSFE's Freedom Task Force (FTF) will then be explained.

About the Free Software Foundation Europe:

The FTF is FSFE's licensing project. It provides licensing education, fiduciary services for projects, and works in partnership with to deal with licence violations in the European arena. The FTF website is located here:

The FTF is an infrastructure project for the Free Software eco-system. We have a network of technical and legal experts that can help individuals, projects and businesses understand Free Software licensing and the opportunities that it presents.

We have two press releases that give more detailed information about the FTF, see Links section.