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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Alan Robertson



Alan Robertson founded the High-Availability for Linux project where he has been an active developer and project leader for the last several years. He maintains the Linux-HA project web site at, and has been a key developer for the open source heartbeat program. He worked for SuSE for a year, then joined IBM's Linux Technology Center in March 2001.

Alan also jointly leads the Open Cluster Framework effort ( to define standard APIs for clustering, and provide an open source reference implementation of these APIs.

Before joining SuSE, he was a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff for Bell Labs. He worked for Bell Labs 21 years in a variety of roles. These included developing telecommunication products, designing communication controllers and providing leading-edge computing support.

He obtained an MS in Computer Science from Oklahoma State University in 1978 and a BS in Electrical Engineering from OSU in 1976.

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