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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Richard M Stallman

Leader of the FSF


Free Software Foundation
How could we introduce someone like Richard Stallman without saying he's a spiritual father of the "free" movement. This little page is not enough for resuming the rich life of this man who created the GNU project in 1984 for developing the free operating system GNU.

He is also the author of the GNU C Compiler (aka GCC), which was designed to support a wide scale of languages and architectures. RMS wrote GDB (debugger) and GNU Emacs, which is more than a simple text editor. During the last years, RMS received lots of distinctions around the world for the amazing 'jobs' he did.
Richard was present at the first edition of OSDEM in 2001, where he talked to us about the danger of software patents and of course about Free Software and Open Source, was present at the second edition where he first made the FS Award, was present for the third edition and of course will be there for this fourth edition.

He will animate the Free Software award, like for the previous editions.
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