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Olle Mulmo

Globus Toolkit


Globus Tooklit
In the early days of Grid computing, Olle Mulmo joined a (then small) team at Argonne National Laboratory, IL, where he contributed to the Globus Project and lead several external application integration efforts. After a move back to Sweden in 2000, Mr. Mulmo worked as a Software Architect and Program Manager at a security software company, developing software for national-scale PKI infrastructures.

In 2002, Mr. Mulmo joined PDC at the Royal Institute of Technology, where he now specializes in issues related to Grid computing and security. In 2003, he rejoined with the Globus team in the forming of the Globus Alliance. Mr. Mulmo spends most of his time on advisory boards and architect teams for national as well as international Grid projects and deployment efforts. He also serves as Security Area director in the Global Grid Forum.
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