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Pat Mochel

sysfs/kernel driver core


sysfs/kernel driver core
Patrick Mochel is a Linux kernel developer living in Portland, Oregon. He is responsible for creating much of the core device driver and generic object infrastructure in the 2.6 kernel, as well as the sysfs filesystem.

He is currently working on making power management support in Linux better than any other Operating System. He is currently employed by a startup.


The sysfs filesystem is a very useful addition to the 2.6 Linux kernel. It is an in-memory filesystem that the kernel exports, and is typically mounted on /sys. It is a window into the kernel and the data objects that it creates and controls. It is created on boot and automatically populated when internal objects are registered with their subsystems.

Because of its nature and its design, the hierarchy it creates is a completely accurate representation of the kernel's internals. It provides a variety of information never before available to userspace, and provides the basis for some of the most important current and future work in and around the kernel, like the new kernel driver model and udev - the replacement for the static /dev directory.

This talk provides an overview of the sysfs filesystem and the features that it offers both users and kernel developers. It will talk about how it's organized and how to leverage the information cotained within.
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