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2005 Edition Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting


Benoit Minisini



Benoît Minisini is a thirty years old french man living in the suburbs of Paris. Programming is one of his passion since he was twelve, and is now his job for six years. This passion started with the Basic language on a CPC Amstrad 464, and later on an Atari 520 STE. Of course, he's using many other languages, but he has never forgotten that he had learned and done a lot with Basic.

He was always found of writting languages, compilers, assemblers, and interpreters - he has written a Z80 assembler on Amstrad and an interpreted language that consumed all its memory.

Later, during his studies at the E.P.I.T.A., he has written a Lisp interpreter under Windows 3.1. During six months, he discovered Windows, its stupid memory model, the Microsoft C compiler, and its numerous bugs.

Today, he keeps on raging with the Gambas language.
Contact gambas (at] users [tod} sourceforge {point) net
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