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News [ 17-02-2005 ]
Tcl/Tk Developer's Room Updates

The Tcl/Tk Dev Room will be offering introductory and advanced talks along with the usual comparing notes and just chatting.

Tcl/Tk is the biggest secret success in the Open Source movement. This industrial strength dynamic language is in use in more commercial products than anyone realizes. It hides under the covers in Cisco routers, the EDA tools used to design them, the test harness, and even the BitMover source code control system. It runs NBC Broadcasting studios, off-shore oil-rigs, Cad-Cam tools, AOL and more.

Nearly 15 years after its inception, Tcl is stronger than ever - its extreme flexibility and extensibility makes it very easy to adapt to new environments.

Tcl/Tk has the best internationalism support, the easiest to use graphics, and the best extension architecture of any language.

Visit with Tcl users and experts as we share information.

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