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[ 17-02-2004 ]
Mozilla news

Just a small news to tell you that Mozilla Europe started officially today and that they are going to introduce themselves to the public during the FOSDEM, in the Mozilla developer's room and the booth in front of it.

Tristan Nitot is going to give a talk on Mozilla Europe on saturday and they'll be discussing quite a bit about Mozilla Europe and the Mozilla Foundation, which will be presented by Gervase Markham, later that day.

Mozilla Europe is the first international affiliate of the Mozilla Foundation.

You can also have a look at their press release.

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[ 08-02-2004 ]
Jabber Server

We are happy to announce to you all the existence of the FOSDEM Jabber server :

The reason we have set up the FOSDEM Jabber server is to let all FOSDEM visitors communicate with eachother, in one-on-one conversations but also in group chat, using an open, standards based protocol. It also allows people to become acquainted with what Jabber is and how it works.

These are the services offered by the FOSDEM Jabber server:

  • A Jabber account if don't already have one elsewhere (follow the website instructions), with SSL connections for secure communication.
  • Group chat rooms, open to everyone, at

    The idea is that before and during the event, people will gather in the 'hallway' chat room, to discuss everything about FOSDEM. Talk about when you arrive, where to meet up with others, what the interesting talks are, what to do during the evenings, etc, etc.

    Also, during the event, there will extra rooms that are coupled with the physical rooms where presentations will be held. This makes it possible to share what you see and hear in the room with others and possibly comment on it, so both other occupants of the room, as well as the rest of the world can take part. Think live reporting.

    All conversations in the chat rooms will be logged for later reference, so don't have to miss out on anything.

    This brings me to website:

    On this site you can find an introduction into Jabber, how to set up and use you FOSDEM Jabber account if don't already have one, and the group chat logs.

    The plan is to have more Jabber facilities later, which will be announced when available.

    We hope to see you all in, and if you have ideas, comments or questions, please let us know and contact
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    [ 21-01-2004 ]
    Hotel booking deadline nearing

    Like other years, FOSDEM visitors can have the same deal at the hotel where we booked rooms for the speakers. Deadline for booking is end of the week though (23rd january if you want to be sure), so you'd better hurry.

    To book rooms at the FOSDEM rate (80 euros/night signle room, breakfast included), just dowload the form,fill it and fax it to the Novotel Tour Noire (02 505 50 00).
    You'll get feedback from the hotel to confirm your booking.

    The hotel is located at the center of Brussels, not far from the Grand Place.
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    [ 19-12-2003 ]
    Contest and unofficial talks

    At FOSDEM 2003, we introduce the FOSDEM background contest. This contest is done again that year, so feel free to submit us your background. You just have to follow some simple rules.

    Other important thing to note : there will be unofficial talks this year. If you have a project that has never been talked about at FOSDEM, feel free to make it known by giving a short talk. More information here.
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    [ 22-11-2003 ]
    Accessibility at FOSDEM

    We will have the opportunity to listen to Bill Haneman about GOK and to Gunnar Schmi Dt about the KDE Accessibility Project.

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