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News [ 08-01-2004 ]
Welcome to the Mozilla developers' room

As in the past years we'll be talking about Mozilla. This year it's gonna be about the changes in the community (with the Mozilla Foundation and all), extensions for the birds as well as for the suite and core services.

News [ 08-01-2004 ]
Talks so far

I'm pleased to announce that we have a few talks already.

So far, we'll be hearing from Daniel Fournier about MozQuery, Alex Fritze is going to talk on 'Application development using Mozilla as a platform' with news from svg and other new technologies, Bernd Mielke is going to bend our minds into "Layout triaging/debugging". Gerv is going to come to answer all your question about the Mozilla Foundation, too.

News [ 17-02-2004 ]
Mozilla Europe officially organizes the Mozilla Developers room

Mozilla Europe went public today and announced their presence at FOSDEM. Axel Hecht will be organizing the Mozilla developer's room on behalf of Mozilla Europe. Please drop him a note if you plan to come, axel at pike dot org.

See the corresponding press release.

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