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[ 31-08-2004 ]
Call for Presence Developer Rooms and Booth

Dear Free and Open Source Developers,
Dear Free and Open Source Project Leaders,

The FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting) is a free and non-commercial event for the community and organized by the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers and communities a place to meet to
  • get in touch with other developers and projects,
  • get informed about the latest developments in the Free and Open Source world,
  • attend to interesting talks and presentations held in large conference rooms by Free and Open Source project leaders and committers on various topics,
  • and to promote the development and the benefits of Free and Open Source solutions.

    As for being a free event, participation and attendance is totally *free of charge* (although we thankfully accept donations and sponsorship).

    To help the community, FOSDEM sets up 'DevRooms' (Developer Rooms) where teams can meet and discuss about their projects. It is also a place where a team can discuss, code (hacking sessions), publicly present latest directions, tutorials, news and decisions. The FOSDEM Team thinks it's very important that developers from around the world can meet 'in real life' and we believe projects can benefit from these meetings. Common facilities such as network/internet connectivity and beamers will be provided upon request (see below).

    If your team wants to share experience and latest news or directions about your project, feel free to contact us to book a developer room.

    We need to know
  • the name of the group (and maybe a short explanation about what your group/project is all about),
  • the (expected) attending audience,
  • whether you need a beamer,
  • and whether you need network (internet) connectivity.

    We also need to know if you want the room for half a day or more, as we want to share the rooms between several teams if possible, so to provide that commodity to a largest possible number of projects.

    We do need a schedule two months before the event takes place. That schedule is actually a list of speakers/subjects and public activities you're planning in the DevRoom. It will be printed in the FOSDEM folder that is handed out to visitors, printed on the DevRoom entrance and published on the website. As we receive requests from many projects, please understand that we shall only give DevRooms to those who will make talks (or similar activities) and who will send us their schedule.

    Teams can also contact us to get a booth (stand). We need to know whether you will need a network connectivity, how many tables you need for your project, etc. You may use those to promote your project, sell stuff (posters, t-shirts, ...), hand out software, make demonstrations, or (almost) whatever comes to your mind as long it's not a purely commercial attitude. Booth is not a "cyber-café", so not to be used for Internet surfing : there is the hacker's room available for that.

    The 5th FOSDEM edition will be February 26-27 2005 in Brussels (Belgium). More details about the event will be announced and published on the official FOSDEM website.

    If you're interested in booking a DevRoom or a stand or just having more information, please send us an e-mail to

    The FOSDEM DevRooms Team.

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    [ 28-08-2004 ]
    FOSDEM in the News

    Present at FOSDEM 2004, Linux Magazine has published an article about the FOSDEM 2004 edition in its May edition. You can check it here.
    News Fosdem

    [ 04-04-2004 ]
    Demonstration against software patents

    News Fosdem

    [ 12-03-2004 ]
    Slides - updated

    Lots of slides are now available for download:
    News Fosdem

    [ 22-02-2004 ]
    FOSDEM 2004 is over

    Once again, the FOSDEM has kept all its promises :
  • good speakers
  • good staff
  • good weather
  • happy visitors
    With more than 2.000 people present during the week-end, the fourth edition of FOSDEM is a huge success.

    On saturday evening, the FS Award has been give to Alan Cox, who was not able to attend the event.

    Stay tuned on the site, as you'll have the opportunity to download the presentations of the speakers and check the picture site

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