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News Fosdem

[ 12-06-2003 ]
Videos and audios

As you all know, FOSDEM sessions were recorded and it has been said that they would be available in streaming and/or download.
Right now, you can download videos and audios from the AEL site.
Not all of them are already there, but check the site from time to time.
News Fosdem

[ 02-04-2003 ]
Fourth edition

As some of you guessed, this was the standard 1st April fools ... well, there is at least something true in the text below, just guess ;-)

Dear FOSDEM visitors, the third edition has just ended, and we are well on the road for the 2004 session.
There will be an attendance fee for this fourth edition, as we have changed the status of our organization (from volunteer basis to commercial company).
This year, we will once again have great speakers, and great conferences, like Francois Richenous, who will come to talk to us about the Microsoft Shared Source solution, Microsoft who has agreed to sponsor us this year.
But, due to the lack of success, we won't organize anymore develeoper's rooms ...

See you soon
The FOSDEM company

News Fosdem

[ 11-03-2003 ]
Slides and other stuffs

Our speakers sent us links to their slides and tutorials. So go and grab :
  • Jimmac image from his tutorial
  • Slides about libqsearch from Phil Biondi
  • Solar Designer's slides
  • Brian King session's slides
  • Prelude's slides
  • GnomeMeeting slides are available
  • Tobias Hunger's Fresco slides are available
  • Maddog's slides

    ... and the latest ones available are the embedded ones

    News Fosdem

    [ 16-02-2003 ]
    What can we change ?

    A thread has been created in our forum section where you can help us to improve the FOSDEM organization. As said previously, FOSDEM is organized by volunteers during their free times, so there are certainly lots of things to be better done.

    News Fosdem

    [ 10-02-2003 ]
    FOSDEM 2003 is over

    This third edition of the FOSDEM was once again a great success, due to the hard work of lots of people : many many thanks to all the people involved in this crazy adventure, and we also want to thank our sponsors who made this event possible, as all the (anonymous) donators who gave before the event and during the week-end.

    So, stay tuned and don't forget to send your pictures to ... we will collect all of them and will make them available to everybody.

    Within weeks, you will have the opportunity to download the recorded video of allmost all of our official sessions.

    And in few monthes, we will start the next edition !

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  •   Special announcement

    FOSDEM 2003
    will take place
    on February 8 - 9 2003
    in Brussels...

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