Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Winfried Tilanus

Photo of Winfried Tilanus

Winfried Tilanus is Privacy Consultant at Privacy Company. He is involved in several standardization processes and member of the XMPP standards foundation. As an expert in human rights and privacy he is fiercely committed to the defense of human agency in the data driven world. Some call him 'a data bitch' because of his forensic approach to privacy research.

At Privacy Company, Winfried is one of the technical specialists. He is dissecting architectures, data streams, databases and cryptographic systems to assess their privacy impact and to make suggestions on improvement. He is co-author of several large Data Privacy Impact Assessments, including DPIA's on products of big tech companies as part of procurement by the Dutch central government. Winfried is also author of the Human Rights Impact Assessment on Facebook Pages by the Dutch central government. Before joining Privacy Company, Winfried was self-employed consultant working on e-health systems, standardization in e-health, privacy of e-health and the legal aspects of e-health. Winfried is long-term member of the XMPP standards foundation and has been involved in the development of several security and interoperability standards in (health)care, both in official standard committees and in independent standardization projects.

Winfried is co-author of the Dutch handbook on online care and has authored parts of the course on online care for the Open University in the Netherlands. He has published several papers on privacy by design and the privacy of e-health systems and he regularly speaks on conferences. Winfried's academic background is both in Humanist Studies and applied physics.

In addition to his work he is board member of the 'Human Professionals' foundation and he is accompanying meetings for transgender children and for their parents. You can find Winfried regularly on a hockey field or in a boulder gym.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Value driven design
A case study on a successful privacy by design project where we did everything wrong
Sunday UB4.132 Open Source Design 13:30 13:55
Interoperable Chat, Dutch Healthcare and the Digital Markets Act
About the pitfalls of interoperable chat
Sunday K.3.401 Real Time Communications 16:05 16:25