Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Matt Yonkovit

Photo of Matt Yonkovit

Matt is currently the head of Open Source Strategy (or the HOSS for short) for Scarf. Matt has been bouncing around the open-source industry for over 20 years, holding a variety of roles at MySQL AB, Percona, MatterMost, StreamNative, and others. He was previously the Chief Customer Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Head of Open Source Strategy, and Head of Community at Open Source Companies. He lives in Raliegh, NC.


Title Day Room Track Start End
Building External Evangelists
What should be the primary goal of every community team
Sunday UB5.132 Community 09:05 09:35
The Open Source Business Guidebook
Building a Scalable OSS Based Business
Sunday K.1.105 (La Fontaine) Main Track - K Building 13:00 13:50