Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Edith Puclla

Photo of Edith Puclla

Edith is a technology evangelist at Percona. She has a DevOps background and is a Docker and Kubernetes enthusiast; she contributed to the Apache Airflow project to rewrite the bash script in Python and the Kubernetes Glossary project. She has given talks on Docker, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, and DevOps: She loves creating tech videos:, and last month she was nominated for Docker Captain for her contributions to the community. She also loves creating content to share with the open-source community through videos, brochures, or articles.



Title Day Room Track Start End
Exploring Database Containers Saturday UB2.252A (Lameere) Containers 13:55 14:25
Monitor your databases with Open Source tools Sunday UB2.252A (Lameere) Monitoring and Observability 09:10 09:40