Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Daniel Welch

Daniel Welch ("themriron2") is an Irish programmer who has overseen and managed the PSP "homebrew" programming community for the last 5 years. He has contributed to many projects, including emulators, games, toolchains, game engines, and played an advisory role in many others. He has produced music and demos for games "Tour of Light" and "Emblem of Fire", and contributed artwork to "Project Frost" and "GoldenEye PSP". He has managed and presented several online webinars for the annual "PSP Homebrew Dev Conference" (PSPHDC) in 2020 and 2021 to thousands of live viewers on a range of topics, such as audio, hardware conceptualisation, proof of concept game development and emulation.

He contributed to the PSP's famous Nintendo 64 emulator DaedalusX64 by maintaining an early wiki, optimisation, compatibility reports and hardware assistance. He has led several proof of concept game demos, including "Perfect Dark Reloaded", "GoldenEye PSP", "Emblem of Fire" and "Project Enigma" for PSP and "Project Lylat" for PC. He provided PSP programming assistance and/or guidance for spelunky-PSP, cannonball-PSP, DaedalusX64, DeSmuME, nullDC, Rust (language), CMFileManager and NZ Portable. On PS2, he improved the efficiency of the famous "Herebedragons" demo, expanded's PS2 resources with new hardware information and has provided a public archive of Eugene Plotnikov's Simple Media System source code. On Wii, he contributed to network replacement services Disconnect24 and VaronFi, made an upgraded fork of popular media player WiiMC ("RiiMC") and contributed to


Title Day Room Track Start End
Pushing the PSP
Emulating Dreamcast and DS on PSP
Sunday AW1.126 Emulator Development 13:40 14:10