Brussels / 4 & 5 February 2023


Carlo Piana

Photo of Carlo Piana

Lawyer and digital liberties advocate for more than 25 years, works in Milano (Italy) at Array, a loosely knit firm dedicated to IT law and Free and open source software law. Former General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation Europe, editor of the Journal of Open Law, Technology and Society (Jolts, formerly IFOSSLR), Board member of the Open Source Initiative (OSI, as in "OSI approved").

Some of his work for advancing digital liberties include promoting true open standards, antitrust work to open up formats and protocols, working on the rules for public procurement of (FOSS) software in Italy, writing articles, essays, chapters and a book on the subject. Most recently he contributed the Foss and antitrust chapter in "Open Source Law, Policy and Practice (2nd edn)" edited by Amanda Brock for Oxford University Press. His firm and him personally joined the Eclipse Foundation as contributing members and became part of the Eclipse Oniro working group, leading one of the most advanced FOSS IP compliance projects so far and as member of the Steering committee. Due to their work, Array has been invited to join also the Software Defined Vehicle working group.



Title Day Room Track Start End
A complete compliance toolchain for Yocto projects
(even very large ones, yes)
Sunday UB4.136 Software Bill of Materials 13:45 14:00