Welcome to the Ubuntu stand!

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions, based on Debian and produced by Canonical and friends. Canonical runs Ubuntu as an open project to enable others with diverse ideas to benefit from work of Canonical developers, and in turn to contribute their volunteer hours to the vital tasks of QA and testing, translation, user support, community organizing, community documentation, in addition to development.
As a result, Ubuntu is far bigger and more interesting than anything a single company could produce.

Ubuntu @ FOSDEM

Live events

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  • Saturday, February 5

    12:00 PM (CET)

    brushUbuntu Unity Remix

    Ubuntu Unity is a remix of Ubuntu featuring the Unity7 desktop environment (the default desktop environment used by Ubuntu from 2010-2017).

    Ubuntu Unity
    Portrait of Rudra Saraswat

    12:30 PM (CET)


    Transform an Ubuntu install into a complete game-ready (!) setup

    Portrait of Rudra Saraswat

    1:00 PM (CET)

    favoriteContributing to Open Source Projects with Ubuntu, Nextcloud, and Collabora

    Are you interested in contributing but don’t know where to start? Tag along and be part of the digital sovereign revolution! Everyone is welcome to join.

    Ubuntu Nextcloud Collabora
    Portrait of Monica Ayhens-Madon Portrait of Marius Quabeck Portrait of Pedro Silva Download Slides

    3:00 PM (CET)

    brushUbuntu Cinnamon Remix

    Community-driven, featuring Linux Mint’s Cinnamon Desktop with Ubuntu at the core, packed fast and full of features, here is the most traditionally modern desktop you will ever love.

    Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix
    Portrait of Joshua Peisach Download Slides

    5:00 PM (CET)

    brushAll things Kubuntu

    Find out what will be new in Jammy and how to get involved, especially in documentation!


    6:00 PM (CET)

    groupsDownstream Distro Panel

    There are some fantastic distros built on top of Ubuntu. Get to know three of them better at our Downstream Distro Panel

    Regolith/elementary OS/Pop!_OS
  • Sunday, February 6

    2:00 PM (CET)

    buildSetting up a Nextcloud Instance with Collabora on Ubuntu

    Keeping full control over your personal data and documents, is more and more important. Learn how to create your own personal cloud with this easy built-in installation.

    Portrait of William Gathoye

    3:00 PM (CET)

    codeFlutter Development Video and Q&A

    Flutter Development Video and Q&A with desktop PM Oliver Smith

    4:00 PM (CET)

    favoriteThe Ubuntu community structure and how to contribute

    The Ubuntu community structure and how to contribute with Torsten Franz from the Community Council

    Portrait of Torsten Franz

    4:45 PM (CET)

    crop_squareGetting Started with Ubuntu Frame

    Video session

    5:30 PM (CET)

    peopleMir Team/Ubuntu Frame live Q&A

    Ubuntu Frame post-video live Q&A with members of the Mir Team

    6:30 PM (CET)

    celebrationWrap Party!

    Everyone and their beverage of choice is welcome as we celebrate being together (virtually) at FOSDEM!

More on Ubuntu

Our mission is to bring the best of Free Software to the widest audience. Bringing down barriers and empower individuals and communities, to strive on the modern world. Free Software and Open Source Software, allows individuals to shape the technology we all use.

The ease of use, toughfullness and consideration with which we strive to build Ubuntu, respects the rich cultural diversity, and all sorts personal characteristics, and establish rich human connections while we do it. The Ubuntu Community is a world wide rich and diverse crowd. It's organized around teams, organized by specific types of contributions, geographical locations, native languages, preferences of software, etc...

Local Communities (LoCo), are one of the most common self-organized community within the broader Ubuntu Community; they organize meetups, workshops, parties, conferences, promote Ubuntu within their own cities, regions, or even (most often) within their countries.

Flavours, remixes, and derivatives are a spectacular way of individuals and/or groups to build upon Ubuntu and other projects to augment the technical diversity and freedom of choice within the Ubuntu universe.

As the Linux and FOSS community in general the Ubunteros, also enjoy many different things, like different desktop environments, or just to optimize to specific workloads. This is what leads to the creation of flavours such as: 

  • Kubuntu - with KDE Plasma
  • Xubuntu - with XFCE
  • Ubuntu Studio - KDE, customized to general studio use
  • Lubuntu - with LXQt (formerly with LXDE)
  • Ubuntu Kylin - with UKUI
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Ubuntu Budgie

But flavors are not the only way to taste the Ubuntu diversity, so we also like to remix: 

  • Ubuntu Cinnamon (with the Cinnamon Desktop)
  • Ubuntu Unity - former default DE of Ubuntu (11.04 to 18.04)
  • UbuntuDDE - with the Deepin Desktop Environment
  • Ubuntu Web Remix (combines Ubuntu and Firefox)
  • UbuntuEd (Ubuntu for educational purposes)
  • Retro Home (retro gaming with Ubuntu and Ludo)

But because Ubuntu is Linux, and the community has such a wonderful vision, creativity, and technical ingenuity, there are also derivatives like (but not just): 

  • elementary OS
  • Regotlith
  • Linux Mint
  • Ubuntu Touch

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Your career with Canonical

Life at Canonical is anything but corporate. As a company that exists to support Ubuntu, one of today’s most important open source projects, we are changing the world on a daily basis. It’s a collaborative environment, but one in which every member of the team takes personal responsibility for everything they produce.

Be also part of it, and explore a career at Canonical at https://canonical.com/careers/start

Welcome to the Ubuntu stand

Ubuntu in 2022

  • LTS goodness
  • beginning of a new broad development cycle that will ultimately lead to a new LTS
  • way more Community activities, and participation on Ubuntu, giving a voice to all stakeholders
  • Ubucons
  • More architectural support + RISC-V
  • Flutter

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