Welcome to the LibreSOC Project stand!

The LibreSOC Project is an ethically developed processor, based on OpenPOWER, intended for use in smartphones netbooks tablets chromebooks and Industrial Embedded SBC products. There will be no DRM, no TPM, and no backdoor spying co-processors. The entire source code, traditionally known to OEMs as a "Board Support Package", will not only be available free of charge under Libre Licenses, right to the BIOS level, the hardware HDL will also likewise be available (and is already available as it is developed). Access to a full BSP with greatly simplified drivers for 3D and Video is a huge cost and time saving for businesses. It's also a fantastic educational and research base. Which would you rather have: a Pi-style SBC where the GPU boots the processor from a closed source binary and kids are taught that to play videos they must pay a license fee for a closed binary decoder, or would you prefer that they are able to get the full source of even the hardware and boot the entire processor including the GPU and VPU on a $200 FPGA and learn how it works?

LibreSOC Project @ FOSDEM

To learn that there exists an alternative to proprietary processors from Intel, ARM and AMD, and that yes, they can actually be part of making that happen.
Welcome to the LibreSOC Project stand

LibreSOC Project in 2022

LibreSOC has extra funding from NLnet, for the Video driver, and for a MESA 3D driver as well. We are also funded to make a 180 nm test ASIC which might be available in January. We also have plans to submit an NLnet grant request to make a 5 port Gigabit Ethernet Hub processor (running OpenWRT and LibreCMC). Ridiculous amount going on.