Debian Edu, the Cloud, and The Enterprise (credativ Bill-Talk)

This talk was given as a "Bill Talk" to my colleagues at credativ GmbH The talk is not an official statement of the Debian Edu or Debian project! The market of educational and school software is one of the most contested markets. The Corona pandemic has once again highlighted the Germany has missed out on many years of innovation. Therefore, many skimpy "solutions" were created in a quick and dirty manner, and commercial companies luring for young customers were awarded contracts. Such decisions are not entirely out of reason: While there are very well-suited Free Software solutions for specific areas and processes in school, there is still a lack of a well-integrated all-in-one solution for day-to-day school life. The projects Debian Edu, AlekSIS and schul-frei (Teckids) are working on such a solution, and in the course of this strive to conciliate Unix philosophy, SaaS, and enterprise support.