Welcome to the RefPerSys stand!

RefPerSys (see http://refpersys.org/ ...) is an open source symbolic artificial intelligence project (GPLv3+ licensed), for GNU/Linux only (actually computers running some GNU/Linux system with a x86-64 processor) This is work in progress... It should become a declarative programming language, some kind of sophisticated expert system shell. RefPerSys is an acronym for REFlexive PERsistent SYStem. It is REFlexive, since the software should be capable of introspection (with the help of the libbacktrace library) It is PERsistent, since the system is dumping most of its state at exit time, either in textual files or in databases. At startup time, the memory heap is reloaded from that state stored on disk. Hence, in normal operation, the RefPerSys system is continuously and organically growing. It is a software SYStem, and a dynamic one, since the system is generating more and more of its C++ source code. The long term goal is of course to generate all the C++ source code of the system from the persistent data. A major inspiration is the work of the late Jacques Pitrat (1934-oct.2019). See e.g. his blog on http://bootstrappingartificialintelligence.fr/WordPress3/

RefPerSys @ FOSDEM

A major idea of RefPerSys is its development model: it is hoped that more and more C++ code would be generated by RefPerSys itself (at dump time), and less and less hand-written code in C++ will remain in the system. An important long term goal (which will take years) is to generate most, and ideally all, the C++ code of RefPerSys at dump time. If possible, even to generate the shell scripts (etc...) to build the executable of RefPerSys from that C++ code.
Welcome to the RefPerSys stand

RefPerSys in 2022

This is the first submission to FosDem about RefPerSys. I (Basile) did attend FosDem in 2015, to present there https://archive.fosdem.org/2015/schedule/event/gcc_melt/