Welcome to the Pulp stand!

Pulp is a platform for managing repositories of software packages and making them available to a large number of consumers.

With Pulp, you can locally mirror all or part of a repository, host your own software packages in repositories, and manage many types of content from multiple sources in one place. If you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of software packages and need a better way to manage them, Pulp can help.


What can I do with Pulp?

If you want a centralized tool to take full control of your software packages, blend and curate content types to suit your exact requirements, and distribute them throughout your organization, Pulp can help. For a more in-depth look at Pulp's workflows, check out our workflow overview.

Host Your Own Container registry

If you want to avoid relying on third parties whose subscription models and rate limits can change at any time, you can host your own container registry with Pulp Container. With Pulp container, you can also build your own containers, publish, and distribute them throughout your organization or to your customers. For more information, see 5 reasons to host your container registry with Pulp.

Manage OSTree upgrades to your Edge devices

The OSTree plugin for Pulp allows users to manage OSTree repositories from which their Edge devices can download updates. Learn more here.

Host Your Own Ansible Galaxy

Ansible Galaxy_NG is Pulp plugin to support hosting your very own Ansible Galaxy server. For more information, see Brian Bouterse's talk Host Your Own Ansible Galaxy

Host Your Own PyPI

You can mirror the whole of PyPI, install and manage Pulp-hosted Python content on clients using `pip`, and much more. For more information, see the Host Your Own PyPI workshop.

Control dependencies & Create Reproducible Environments

With Pulp, you have full control over dependencies and can curate your content to optimise for your environmental needs.

Multiple Content Types

Pulp is the only FOSS content management project that has support for both RPM and Debian repositories. As you can probably tell, Pulp doesn't stop there either! Pulp has a wide range of available content plugins. Add a plugin from the available content types or use our plugin template to write your own plugin! - it's not hard!

Pulp for CI/CD

You can take full control over version pinning, promotion, and distribution of your content throughout all stages of the development lifestyle environment, for example Dev, Staging, Production, and promote content from one environment to another so that you can ensure stability and repeatability at all times. For more information, see Pulp for CI/CD.

Welcome to the Pulp stand

Pulp in 2022

Pulp Community Updates

Watch Robin recall the major changes in the Pulp project over the last year.

Pulp Podman Compose

Due to popular demand, you can now deploy Pulp with podman compose. For instructions, see Pulp Podman Compose documentation on our website.

Deploy Pulp on Openshift

You can find Pulp Operator on Openshift's Operator Hub. For more information, watch Fabricio's Pulp on Openshift Installation Tutorial .

Pulp & High Availability

Pulp’s architecture is designed to offer scalability and high availability. You can scale Pulp’s architecture in whatever way suits your needs. With Pulp, the more you increase your availability, you also increase your capability. The more Pulpcore API processes you deploy, the more API requests you can serve. The more Pulpcore content applications you deploy, the more binary data requests you can serve. The more workers you start, the higher the tasking (syncing, publishing) throughput you deployment can handle. For more information, check out our High Availability info page

Pulp Community Discourse

As Pulp grows, we need better ways of discussing things. This year, we launched our very first community forum over at discourse.pulpproject.org/. Please drop by, introduce yourself, ask questions, and tell us what you're doing with Pulp!

Pulp Matrix Community

Since 2021, our primary synchronous communication channel is Matrix. Just like FOSDEM, we enjoy the advantages of a Matrix's rich range of capabilities and open source ethos. Please join our Pulp room for general Pulp chat. For developer-related chat, join us over on Pulp-dev. We have a space listing on Matrix. Join our Pulp space for a full list of our rooms.

Didn't find the content plugin you need?

Pulp 3 is more stable and robust than ever. If you didn't find a content plugin to match the content type you need, there is a great plugin template you can use to start working with another content type in Pulp. We also have a Plugin Writers Guide to get you on your way. If you have some questions, feel free to talk to us either in our discourse.pulpproject.org/ or in our our Pulp room.

Pulp Open Floor

Every Tuesday at at 10:30 ET (either EST or EDT), we host an Open Floor meeting on our Pulp meeting room on Matrix. We welcome anyone to add anything Pulp-related to the agenda and we can all discuss it there!

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