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OpenMandriva is a 100% community controlled Linux distribution. With (OMLx 4.2) Plasma 5.20.5, KDE Frameworks 5.78, Qt 5.12.2 and LibreOffice 7.1, it is one of the most current distributions available. OpenMandriva was the first Linux distribution to switch to a clang based toolchain. In the current version, even the kernel is built with clang 11. While the primary focus of OpenMandriva is on the desktop, its repositories also contain a state of the art server stack.

OpenMandriva @ FOSDEM

OpenMandriva is aiming at being easy to get into for newbies, while being one of the most innovative distributions for developers. We were the first to switch to the clang toolchain, and are working on new interesting developer features for our 5.0 release.

OpenMandriva can work on x86_64 systems as well as aarch64 (not sharing some other distributions' limitation to UEFI compliant aarch64 server platforms), and can run as a desktop, workstation, server, or - since the advent of OpenMandriva on PinePhone - smartphone.

You may want to pay us a visit if you are interested in getting into Linux or you are looking for a project that can use your help as a volunteer.

OpenMandriva is not based on any other distribution. Contributors who are so inclined can do more than just submit a new theme or add an extra package.

OpenMandriva in 2022

OpenMandriva has come a long way in porting to new hardware: In addition to the traditional x86_64 distribution and the extra version optimized specifically for AMD Ryzen processors, OpenMandriva now runs on Pinebook Pro, Cubox Pulse, various ARM devboards, and UEFI capable Aarch64 servers. A phone stack running on PinePhone is in the works (and ready for initial use). A RISC-V port is also in the works (presently running in qemu) and should be ready for daily use shortly after we can get our hands on Hifive Unmatched boards.

With the 4.2 release done, our main focus has moved to 5.0 - which will bring many improvements to the core system, such as making crosscompiling and targeting multiple architectures easier than ever.

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